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The firm is well experienced in assisting clients in choosing and forming the proper form of business entity for each endeavor whether corporation, partnership, limited liability company, limited partnership, Limited liability partnership or other form of operating entity recognized at law. Shareholder and director agreements, voting trusts, operating agreements, buy-sell agreements, and other instruments governing management, operation, and transitional issues constitute an important part of this practice. When necessary, representation in connection with the protection and enforcement of shareholders' rights is also available through the firm. Attorneys in the firm are also well experienced in merger and acquisition situations and are readily available for involvement in the buying and selling of businesses as counsel for the buyer or the seller or, perhaps, the lender or financing party. In representing the buyer, we assist in negotiating the terms of the transaction and providing documentation and assistance with due diligence. When representing the seller, we also assist in negotiating terms and responding to the buyer's due diligence requests to assure proper disclosure and avoid seller liability. As the lender's representative, we assist in the review of the transaction as to legal matters; draft and issue commitment letters; create the necessary loan documents; review appropriate corporate documents; and conduct lien searches.

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